XPLORE 360 is Monitoring solution for multiple platform and services which integrated into one single dashboard view based on business needs orientation of supporting infrastructure platform performance.

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Key Benefits
  • To provide Information of alert problem in Integrated system
  • Quick information of Root Cause Analysis
  • Quick Problem Solving
  • Final objective to provide good performance services with early problem detection to solving
Key Features
  • Integrated Dashboard.
  • Single point of view to monitor different IT environments system and Platform services..
  • Services Monitoring.
  • Hardware.
  • Service-oriented view of the infra structure
  • Platform and Service Correlation.
    One platform can handle more than one services.
    One service also can spread across more than one platform.
    Within Platform Sub Group Level, it can be found list of service along with its capacity which is currently handled by this particular platform.
    The services capacity information will be carried over, aggregated and displayed on the snapshot of platform parents and Recursively until business domain level.
    The service information within Platform Subgroup Level.